Singularity I


Style: Melomel (aronia berry, blackberry, Marquette grape, and honey)
Profile: Semi-Sweet
Bottle: 500ml
ABV: 12.5%

This is the first of what we hope to be many more in the Singularity series of meads. All ingredients are sourced from a singular location on the planet.  Additionally, the honey used in our Singularity meads is from the nectars gathered from the blossoms of the fruit used in the mead.  Honeybees suckle at the fruit blossoms, pollinating and encouraging fruit growth, then return to the hive with their bounty.  That same fruit grows, ripens, and is then harvested for use in our mead.  Both honey and fruit, nurtured by bees, coming together again on our bottles.

The ingredients for Singularity I were gathered from a berry farm in Vermont, home to Sisters of Anarchy ice cream.  It’s a beautiful spot, with delicious ice cream.  We’ve enjoyed many family vacations in the area.

Singularity I: a delectable fusion of aronia berries, blackberries, and marquette grapes, crafted with precision to deliver a sensory symphony that tantalizes your palate.

The aroma of Singularity I is a captivating prelude to the tasting experience.  As you bring the glass to your nose, you are greeted with an enchanting bouquet of ripe blackberries, highlighted by the earthy richness of aronia berries. Hints of dark cherries and currants are present, interwoven with subtle undertones of sweet vanilla from the marquette grapes.  The fragrance is both fruity and sophisticated, promising a harmonious blend of flavors to come.

Upon your first sip of Singularity I, your taste buds embark on a journey through a delightful tapestry of flavors.  The aronia berry contributes a tart, slightly astringent note that balances the sweetness of the mead with a refreshing and tangy quality.  The blackberries add a lush and juicy component, harmonizing with the subtle honey sweetness that envelops your palate. The flavors of ripe blackberries unfold with each sip, offering a rich, jammy quality that’s both succulent and familiar.  The marquette grapes, often associated with red wine, introduce a layer of complexity. They bring forth a nuanced depth of flavor with subtle hints of dark chocolate and tobacco, creating an elegant and velvety mouthfeel.  All combined, these flavors form a harmonious medley of sweet, tart, and earthy flavors that intermingle seamlessly, creating a mead that is as multifaceted as it is delicious.  The finish is smooth and lingering, with the fruitiness gradually giving way to a gentle warmth, making Singularity I a balanced and sophisticated choice for discerning palates.

This mead is a testament to the artistry of its makers, the honeybees, who have toiled tirelessly to bring us this exquisite blend of berries, grapes, and honey to create a unique and balanced drinking experience.  Singularity I is a delightful choice for both those new to mead and connoisseurs seeking a harmonious interplay of flavors in each and every glass. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with charcuterie, soft cheeses, or a dessert featuring dark chocolate, this mead promises to captivate and satisfy your senses.


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an aronia berry, blackberry, marquette grape mead

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