Style: Spiced Cyser (apples, spices, and honey)
Profile: Semi-sweet
Bottle: 500ml
ABV: 12.5%

Who doesn’t love apple pie?  It’s one of the perfect Fall flavors.  Now you can enjoy it Blisspoint style, inspired by the way Mom does it.

Mom’s first envelops you in a fragrant embrace.  The aroma is an inviting journey through an orchard in the full bloom of autumn.  Notes of ripe apples dominate, while the cinnamon and vanilla combine to create a cozy, comforting spiciness, reminiscent of a freshly baked pie cooling on the windowsill.

The taste unfolds like a slice of warm apple pie, lovingly prepared by your dearest family member.  At first the taste is juicy apples, offering a delightful balance of sweet and tart.  The honey sweetens the experience, offering a gentle embrace of floral nectar that enhances the apple’s natural sweetness.  The cinnamon introduces a gentle spiciness that complements the apple’s natural flavors, adding depth and complexity to each sip, while the vanilla provides a soothing finish, evoking the creamy, comforting essence of a pie’s filling. This is Mom’s hug, the way that she lets you know that she loves you.

Mom’s is perfect for sipping on cool autumn evenings, by the fireside, on your Thanksgiving table, or whenever you want to relish the familiar, loving flavors of homemade apple pie. Cherish each sip as you make new memories and embrace the old with this exceptional beverage that captures the essence of home.

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an apple mead, with cinnamon and vanilla

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