• Blisspoint Honey Quick View
    • Blisspoint Honey Quick View
    • Blisspoint Honey

    • a Bedford Massachusetts wildflower honey

    • Region: Bedford, Massachusetts
      Varietal: Massachusetts Wildflower honey
      Flavor: Notes of tropical fruits
      Container: 4oz flip top jar
      This honey was made by our bees, right here on our property. We are ecstatic to be able to share it with you. And to be able to make a mead with it is the culmination of a long passionate pursuit, the product of which we hope that you will also try. Radius Zero is also available in out store. Blisspoint Honey is unfiltered, unprocessed, unheated, unadulterated and UNDENIABLY DELICIOUS!  
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  • Radius Zero & Blisspoint Honey Quick View
    • Radius Zero & Blisspoint Honey Quick View
    • Radius Zero & Blisspoint Honey

    • a Bedford wildflower honey mead & the honey that made it

    • Style: Traditional Mead (blisspoint honey, water, and yeast)
      Honey: Blisspoint Wildflower Honey
      Profile: Semi-Sweet
      Bottle: 375ml
      ABV: 12.5%

      Treat yourself to a unique side-by-side tasting experience. Add both Radius Zero and the honey it was made from to your cart and receive a discount at checkout on the combined purchase.

      This mead is the air you breath, the flowers you see and smell, the water you drink. Our bees foraged the nectars of your town and brought it back to their hives, right here on our property for us to craft with. Nature and craftmanship converging on a singular point with zero radius to bring you a singular experience.

      Radius Zero is the pinnacle of our Radius Series where we strive to source as many ingredients as possible within as small a radius from the meadery as possible. This mead is made with honey from our beehives here on our property in Bedford, Massachusetts. The radius can't get any tighter than that!

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