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Who are we?
We are Blisspoint Meadery, a licensed Massachusetts Farmer Winery.  We make mead, an alcohol made from honey, in Bedford, MA.  We are also beekeepers and operate a small apiary.  Mead is the oldest known fermented beverage, yet our meads are modern and refined for the varied pallets of the craft beverage era.  We have over 40 unique products available, from bubbly to still, low abv to high abv, dry to sweet, and every one of them delicious!  We have just entered our second year of business.  We are poised for an amazing year of growth and are looking to transition from an owner/individual operated business to a team operated business.  We’re looking for hard-working, dependable, energetic, friendly people to add to our team to realize this growth.
Positions Available:
Mead Ambassador / Market Sales Manager – Our primary need is for people to represent our brand and products in the field at farmers markets.  Interfacing with our customers, helping them to explore our products, and answering their questions, working towards a transaction that ends with them leaving with something they’re excited to go home and enjoy.  Responsibilities include:
  • Transporting equipment and products to and from farmers markets
  • Setting up and breaking down market booths
  • Pouring samples and selling mead
  • Understanding the products being sold
  • Talking with customers and answering their questions
  • Inventory reporting
Ideal Candidate:
Successful candidates for this position will:
  • be 21 and able to drink alcohol responsibly
  • have a car and be able to transport themselves
  • enjoy being part of a small team in a growing business
  • enjoy working outside and working on their feet
  • enjoy talking to people and helping them explore new tastes
  • communicate effectively and take direction well
  • share ideas for improvements
  • have an interest in sustainability and community
  • be dependable and responsible
  • solve problems methodically and independently
  • lift and move two cases of mead, or a bucket of honey (63 pounds)
  • have an interest in fermentation
  • have an interest in honey, honey bees, and beekeeping
  • This is an hourly position.  $20-$25/hour.
  • Seasonal bonuses to reward dependability and commitment.
  • Employee discounts on Blisspoint products.
  • Gas and mileage travel compensation based on market distance ($0.66/mile).
  • Market hours vary from 3 to 4 hours long (some exceptions for longer special events)
  • Additional 2 hours per market for travel and setup time (compensated)
  • Most winter markets are on Saturdays and Sundays.  There are some Friday opportunities as well.
  • Example market times on weekends: start 9am/10am, end 1pm/2pm
  • Winter market season runs from November through March
Growth and Other opportunities:
Successful candidates demonstrating dependability and interest will have an opportunity to get involved in the product development side of Blisspoint Meadery.  Learn the art and science of mead making and everything that goes along with it.  Those demonstrating aptitude will have an opportunity to assist in the production of a batch of mead from honey to bottle.  Assistant Mead Maker positions will open as we grow, and early employees will be among the first considered.