Blisspoint news

Order Up!

After a long wait, some directional changes, a few false starts, and lots of product development...Blisspoint Meadery is open for business.  We're starting with an online sale model with products available to be shipped, as well as a local curbside pickup option for our nearby supporting community.  This will evolve into something more as we work out plans for private tastings by appointment and navigate the public's thirst for new and unique craft beverages in the pandemic landscape.  We are so excited to share our creations with you!So, we welcome you at long last to...Try ours, Find yours...Blisspoint.


It’s Alive (almost)

On this day, August 14, 2021, our website went live! With the one small caveat that we're not ready to take orders yet. All products and pages are visible and ready to preview. We hope to be able to flip the transaction switch before the end of the summer.