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Many people ask “What is mead like?” They’re trying to prepare themselves with some sense of familiarity, so that they might understand something they don’t yet know. There’s comfort in that. And that’s fine. But the best experiences rarely come from staying within your comfort zone, from doing the things you’ve already done, or trying the foods you’ve already eaten. The best experiences happen when you step outside of what you already know, when you peek around that corner to see what else is there. Mead is not beer. Mead is not wine. These are things that you already know. Mead is what’s around the corner, so let yourself take a peak.

I’ve heard “I’m more of a beer drinker” or “I’m more of a wine drinker”. Well guess what…me too! Because for a very long time that’s pretty much what the market has been flooded with. But don’t let the market define what you are! If you’ve decided that you only eat one kind of food, or only drink one kind of adult beverage, then good for you! You know what you like. You’ve found what you’re comfortable with. Others, for the most part, live within their comfort zone, but occasionally venture out for something new, to scratch an itch, or to satisfy a curiosity. Mead can help with that. But you may still be wondering…”What is mead like?”

That’s a difficult question to answer. Mead is something few people have heard of, and even fewer people have tried. Mead is its own thing, but it’s not just one thing. Mead is an alcoholic beverage made from honey. Mead is still, mead is sparkling. Mead is dry, mead is sweet. Mead is low ABV, mead is high ABV. If you get anything from this it should be that mead is hard to pin down because mead is versatile. More than any of those attempts to ascribe characteristics to mead, mead is an adventure, a journey. And like any good journey you have to start somewhere, and the best journeys never end. But where do you start? Do you start at the beginning, with the basics? A product like OB Solo is about as basic as it gets while remaining satisfying and intriguing. It offers a light and refreshing glimpse of what can be done with just honey, water, and yeast (and bubbles!), and presents the essence of it’s honey without coming off as sweet. People looking to just dip their toe in and test the waters might start here. Or do you dive in head first to experience the fullness of flavor experiences that mead can provide? If you’re breaking the surface of the pool with this goal, meads like Orchard and ABC are destined to make a splash. Where OB Solo shines in its simplicity, these meads explode with satisfying flavor profiles structured around the fruits used to create them (apples and black currants) and offer multi-dimensional complexity with a warming honey backbone.

We hope that Blisspoint Meadery can be a place where you can start your mead journey. We want people to have a new experience and we offer many different styles of mead for the many different experiences that people may have tastes for. No matter what kind of drinker you may consider yourself, we’re confident you can find something here that will challenge that characterization, intrigue your palate, and maybe, just maybe, help you find your beverage blisspoint.

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